Derby Gaol Extra




Derby Gaol Motion Detection Camera


When the camera, located in the main corridor at Derby Gaol, detects any movement it takes a snapshot and uploads the image onto the web.

These images are numbered from 1 to 99 and the first 40 can be viewed directly on the webpage.

The camera resets itself every hour and starts again from image number 1 so, unless a lot of images are uploaded during a 1 hour period the latest images should be displayed in the first 40.

If more than 99 images are captured within an hour the camera starts again from image 1.

To update the images without navigating away from the webpage use the refresh button on your browser.

We have already noted that the camera seems to take a snapshot for no apparent reason and we would like you to join in our virtual investigation of Derby Gaol, by saving and emailing us any of the images that you feel may show some of our ghostly residents. These can then be placed on the website in a special gallery.

If you want to know what is happening at the Gaol, please visit our Ghostwalks, Gaol Investigations and Live Event pages.

(Click on the camera below to view the Corridor Camera Images)