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Welcome to Derby Gaol Extra, a place where you will be able to share your experiences, ask questions and learn more about both the historical and haunted side of Derby Gaol as well as interact with other visitors to the Derby Gaol website. Who knows, you might even be able to tell us things that we donít know.




From our experience, many people struggle to find Derby Gaol especially when travelling into the city from other parts of the country. This is further compounded by the fact that Derby has had 5 separate gaols during its history and what is left of what is known as Derby Gaol is at basement level. As there is a grade II listed building built on top of it, we are not allowed to display a permanent sign as to its whereabouts and unfortunately at the moment there is only one vague street sign that points in the general direction.
Please click on the signpost for a map and instructions for finding the Gaol using GPS.

You can even be a part of an online paranormal investigation without the fear of the ghosts of the Gaol whispering in your ear or touching you, by viewing the images from the new Derby Gaol Corridor Cam which updates the online images when motion is detected. But donít forget to let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary so that we can create a gallery of any suspected spooky goings on. (Click on the camera to learn more)  



Not only can you view what is happening at the gaol via the still pictures produced by the webcam, but we have installed a thermometer at the Gaol at the opposite end of the main corridor, which can be viewed by clicking on the link  on the left. Although we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the temperature reading shown, it is still useful for showing any fluctuations.  Although there is an option to 'Refresh Site' on the webpage, this does not appear to refresh the graph and we recommend that the whole webpage should be refreshed, either by clicking on the internet explorer refresh button or by pressing F5.  

For those of you who may want to learn a little more about the ghosts of Derby Gaol you might be interested in the DVD by Felix Films. Click on the filmstrip to view the DVD Trailer of Ghosts of Derby Gaol  

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You can also visit our new album where we will soon be adding more pictures that you can zoom into and explore for yourselves.  

In our Whatís On section, you can also download all the latest brochures and leaflets for all events that are bookable through the Derby Gaol Hotline (08000 277928), including ghost walks and overnight vigils at both Derby Gaol as well as other exciting locations around the country.  

Derby Gaol is a museum with its walls covered with documents, telling some of the story's of its many prisoners. If you have never been to the gaol, or not had the opportunity to read one of these whilst you have been there, here is a typical example of a 'Calendar of Prisoners'