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The Dudley Devil


Prior to the first ever interactive paranormal demonstration as a part of the Huge Ghost Hunt at Dudley Castle, Eleanor and Chris Thompson familiarised themselves with the location under the guidance of Wayne Truman and took a few photographs. At the particular location featured in the photograph Chris was aware of children in the cordoned off area and asked both Eleanor and Wayne to take a photograph.

After the photographs had been taken the results were reviewed and to the amazement of all three of the people there was a second figure clearly visible in one of the photographs. However, neither Eleanor or Wayne had seen anyone whilst taking the pictures and nobody had heard anyone approach. What was even more astounding was that the Castle was closed to the public and the only people on site were Derby Gaol and Dudley Castle staff. Once the night's proceedings had concluded the photograph was shown to all of the guides (who just happened to be male) and not one of them had had anyone who looked like the mysterious woman in the picture.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the woman though, are her eyes which appear to be no more than white lights.

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  There are many theories as to what orbs are, but every now and then a picture is taken which seems to defy belief. We also hear that there is quite a story behind this picture as well, so should you bump into Eleanor or Chris at the gaol ask them to tell you all about it. You're not meant to be looking at the bright orb to the left of the light in the centre, but the cluster of orbs which is almost on the same level but to the right of the central light. (Photograph taken by Jo Horlsey)  
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